Excellence. In our work and relationships.


Nearing our 30th year, DG Fenn brings extensive knowledge of the construction trade to each and every project. Solving challenges has become a hallmark of DG Fenn and our clients appreciate the comfortable working relationship, knowing that DG Fenn is totally committed to customer satisfaction.


  • Conceptual Budget Pricing
  • Project Scheduling
  • Value Engineering
  • Design Build
  • Scope Verification
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Construction Management

  • Oversee Project planning, development and construction
  • Control Project timeline, cost and quality
  • Implement quality control methods as a preventive measure


  • Single point of contact to ensure project quality
  • Manage time and cost
  • Limit risk management exposure

Value Engineering

  • Ensure design concept aligned with Budget
  • Review material, and systems to ensure efficient solutions
  • Ensure functionality and design are maintained

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